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oLd SkOoL cArtOon'Z's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
oLd SkOoL cArtOon'Z

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Nick Theme songs [25 Jun 2005|09:17pm]


Does anyone have these songs to these old Nickelodeon shows? :

What Would You Do?
My Brother and Me

The Muppet Babies
Gullah Gullah Island


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[31 Aug 2004|04:25pm]

uhm whoa. this community is dead. im leaving.

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neww [29 Aug 2004|10:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

.so... who misses teenage mutant ninja turtles??!

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[17 Aug 2004|11:52am]


JOIN__NTPR!!! THINK your OLD school....TRY this !!

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[04 Aug 2004|11:36am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm a newbie to the community, a brief intro is in order. I'm DK, a late twenties, hard-striving creative jack of all trades (mostly music and screenplays), and after MANY years of nomadic drifting, I'm stuck in the corn country-ass Mid West (but I'm originally from the ATL--Bankhead, baby! AND I'M ON THE WAY HOME!!). Born and raised Wiccan... That's about it; that I can think of right off. Peace and Blessings to you guys. Don't be scared to add me as a friend!

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A related community [04 Jul 2004|04:34pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi all! I've checked the USer Info for all the comms I'm going to crosspost to, and it said nothing of community promo not being allowed. 'Sides, this counts to all these communities so it's not OT for any one.

I've created a community for My little Pony LJ icons. It's located at mlp_icons. I don't personally make them but we needed a comm fer them! ^__^ Requests are also allowed! If you're a My Little Pony collector/fan, please take a look and join! ^__^

(crossposted to a few comms for toys and cartoons, and crossposted a community for all things crossposted @__@)

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He-man auctions [02 Jul 2004|03:22pm]

[ mood | hot ]

My boyfriend temalyen is auctioning off three He-man action figures, still in very good condition.


He's selling Faker, Prince Adam, and Buzz-off. Remember: the more He-man figures he sells.....the more My Little Ponies I get! ~_^

(Crossposted to several 80's communities and crossposted. Yes, a community for all things crossposted. @__@)

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Hey [21 Jun 2004|01:06am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey, I just joined... Does anyone here remember Freakazoid? I absolutely love that show. Dexter Douglas yelling "FREAK OUT!" and turing into the crazy blue guy... ::sigh::

Oh, and also. Here: http://teenagemutant.ytmnd.com/ Check it.

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[28 Apr 2004|01:41am]

dude, im so watching "Darkwing Duck" right now... i love it so much... i also watched "Quack Pack" "Bonkers" "Mighty Ducks" and "Duck Tales" the other night... oh how i love the old times... I miss the Ninja Turtles tho... they were my favorite... :) rock on!

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Aww.. Theresa And Shanana have a community.. Cute. [18 Apr 2004|09:36am]

[ mood | blah ]

Aww.. I joined.. Because.. Well, I don't know.. I'm already registered to one of these on GJ.. Oh well..

Two Words..Collapse )

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Hey [30 Jan 2004|10:15am]


Whats up i just joined cuz all the old skool toons better than the crap they have on today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved

  • Rugrats
  • teenage muntant ninja turtles (they were the shiznit)
  • Ducktales

and some more but ill write l8r gotta go watch Ducktales woohoo

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[20 Nov 2003|07:27am]

they need good re-runs of the old ninja turtles and ghost busters, and well just about any show from back in the day... g.i. joe, captain planet. those all rocked. but the new ninja turtles don't even compare to the old ones, and they even changed the theme song.

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[27 Jun 2003|12:43am]

hello friends. im bored and hot. woo. yeah so.. my little pony was a kickass show.. teenage mutant ninja turtles [always a classic] and of course ghost busters. aaaaaaah to be young again.

<333333 riki

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keeping it alive [22 Jun 2003|07:45am]

[ mood | productive ]

so um... I... yeah.

Anyone ever see Allegra's Window?

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[21 Jun 2003|12:10pm]


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My favorite old school cartoon is.... [14 May 2003|10:52pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm new!!!!!!

I like Gem and the Holograms! I had a doll, but she was U-G-L-Y! She had bendable arms and knees because she had hinges and she also was way taller than regular Barbie dolls... but she had the best '80s hair and clothes! yea!

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Hello all! [18 Feb 2003|03:11pm]

Hey! I'm going to try to get this community up again! I think I'll start going into some other community's and linking us! Thanks to those of you who like this community! sorry it's been so dead for a while!!

<33 theResa* shady_tease*

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[19 Aug 2002|05:24pm]

Hi, I just wanted to drop in to tell all the members about my new community, disney as I thought it may be of interest to them...
Thankyou :)

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[11 Aug 2002|11:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

noggin the TV station is great.

i watched the Adventures of Pete and Pete and Clarissa Explains it All.

They also have reruns of Daria and Gullah Gullah Island from Nick Junior.

And I watched the movie The Land Before Time on Toon Disney.
rock on Little Foot

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[08 Aug 2002|01:53pm]

Hey kids,

I messed around with the layout a little bit today, check it out. I have a strawbery shortcake backround.

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